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Dark horror puzzle adventure game

Little Nightmares is a horror puzzle adventure game. Play as Six, a young girl lost in a strange hotel filled with dangerous guests and tricky puzzles as you try to escape danger at every turn.

Hotel horror

With an absence of spoken dialogue and traditional plot devices, Little Nightmares focuses instead on creating a disconcerting atmosphere to tell the story. The actual gameplay elements, like solving simple puzzles and moving between rooms, are fairly simple and work only to give a sense of progression and time to explore the smaller details. Guiding Six through cramped, dark places becomes more of a slow visual experience than anything else. Both the graphical style and sound design offer minimalist details that drive the game forward in a way that is more intriguing than scary. When this muted style of gameplay becomes repetitive, short action chase sequences featuring the guests appear to give a brief shot of momentum to the whole experience. These guests have an impressive level of non-verbal design and are some of the most creative elements in Little Nightmares.

Slow and steady

Little Nightmares is a darkly gorgeous game which lacks many traditional gameplay elements. Gamers who enjoy visual novels or walking simulators will appreciate the slow building horror and tension while action or platforming fans may quickly become bored.


  • Incredible tension and atmosphere
  • Great world-building


  • Slow gameplay
  • Niche audience

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Little Nightmares


Little Nightmares 1.0 for PC

User reviews about Little Nightmares

  • Tayven Kunz

    by Tayven Kunz

    I think that little nightmares can even help me fight all of my fears and i also think it is and will be very fun.

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